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...New York’s best maternity photographer...”
Nora B., New York, NY
Thank you, thank you, thank you for a wonderful experience. You made me feel so comfortable...”
Christie V., New York, NY
Beautiful, sophisticated portrait of a pregnant woman holding a Pekinese against a black background
Beautiful, timeless, forever
I received my frames today and I am speechless. You are such an artist...”
Claudia A., Bronxville, NY

I am Koren Reyes but people call me the Pregnancy Photography Rock Star. My primary page is: . I live in Minneapolis, MN as of November 2013 after 24 years in New York City. I specialize in photographing pregnant women at Koren Reyes Photography.
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Why choose Koren Reyes to do your maternity photography?

Polished professionalism

Clients who appreciate a consummate professional choose me. I create amazing photography experiences that make you feel and look your absolute best. Every part of my business that touches you to will be courteous, polished, professional and most of all, beautiful.

A master at her craft

I specialize in studio portraits of women (and sometimes a puppy dog here and there). I rarely use props in my work, so my models are my clay. I treat every pose like sculpture; every angle has got to be interesting. And beautiful.

You get what you pay for

I'm probably one of the most expensive photographers out there, but in this highly subjective field you get what you pay for. While there are plenty of photographers out there who charge a whole lot less, be prepared to compromise on the total pleasure of the experience and quality of what you end up.

I've been in business since 2002

You are never pregnant with your first child again. If these photos are important to you, do you really want to trust the process to a newcomer? black and white photo of pregnant woman in Central Park

A Photography studio for the sophisticated, stylish woman

Koren Reyes lives and works in Minneapolis and photographs pregnant women and their families. In addition to pregnancy and maternity portraits, Koren also does family photography, baby photography, children's photography and newborn photography.

Two studio experiences

I offer my clients three studio options;

  1. A small studio experience for regular sessions, and
  2. A very special commercial studio for the top of the line packages
  3. A New York City experience like non one else can give you

How do you decide? It's all about the experience you'd like to have. The photography is equally beautiful, however a bigger budget just adds ever more magical elements.

The Small Downtown Minneapolis Studio

Koren welcomes clients to the comfort and convenience of a downtown studio in the heart of the trendy North Loop neighborhood. The space may be small, but the power of the pictures speak for themselves.

The Commercial Studio

Looking for a little magic? Are you seduced by charm? This very special location offers a delicious treat for every sense. This world-class studio welcomes super models and star-studded production companies alike.

The New York City Thriller

I lived in New York City for almost a quarter century. If you want to plan the babymoon of the century, let's do it. We'll rent a studio in the hottest part of Manhattan where you may bump into Gisele Bündchen or Miranda Kerr just doing their jobs.

Chelsea photo studio

Artistic, creative, fine art maternity pictures

Clients rave about Koren's artistic maternity photography, elegant pregnant nudes and unique pregnancy poses. Koren's greatest strength just may be her posing skill and the fact that each and every photo is tasteful, elegant, beautiful.

What makes a photo artistic?

One of the most frequent Google search terms that brings clients to me is "artistic maternity photos." To me, artistic means beautifully executed positioning of the human body, beautiful lighting and very careful back-end retouching.

So much of the creative process has transferred to the back end of photography. Digital capture does a brilliant job at WYSIWYG, or what you see is what you get. The raw image needs a ton of TLC to create softness in some areas and sharpness in others. Sometimes shadows need to be filled, sometimes more contrast makes something pop. It's a subjective call - it's an artist that makes the right calls for her style. Here's an example of what I consider a beautiful, artistic maternity portrait.

What makes a photo creative?

I look around the internet and I see a ton of imagery that looks exactly alike. Maternity photography exploded in popularity in 2007 and yet I'm bored to death by most of it. Way too many photographers make a cliche out of their work, like shots of brightly lit hands forming a heart over the belly, the drape covering the body and being pulled off from the side.

I steer clients away from the drape because I think it'll be very dated very soon. I prefer to create timeless images that will hold up over time; shots that make you wonder when they were created, not scream "the fad of the 2000's".

The fine art of the pregnant nude

Once in a blue moon a client will say she doesn't want to do any nudes. While part of me thinks that defeats the purpose of doing a pregnancy shoot, I respect my client's wishes 100%. Read more about the process of doing a nude shoot.

I like to create digital art. It's not for everyone and it's not for every session, but I love the possibilities. If you're looking for something that is truly one-of-a-kind that no one else will ever have, commission Koren to create a composite image from your maternity photo that merges elements that are meaningful to you.

Artistic maternity photos

Koren does pregnant photography, baby and newborn portraits, professional newborn pictures, portfolios of black and white, fine art baby portraits and family photography. Looking for artistic baby portraits?

Koren creates fine art black and white photography out of unique belly shots. She can do the same creative thing with baby photography and prenatal photography.

Fine art Photography and Decorating with maternity portraits

Koren offers full design services for custom presentation. She can do fine art pictures as large wall art in canvas, premium, fine art black and white papers and pretty much any other hard or soft surface you can imagine. This includes wood doors, ceramic tile, scarves, tote bags, etc.

The design element is a huge part of how final images are displayed

Expect creative solutions, creative ideas and suggestions for layout, color, shape and even texture in designing your own personalized artwork.

Luscious, rich color photographic prints on museum-quality, fine art, acid-free paper

Long-lasting, durable machine prints from the best in the business.

Custom, hand-made albums that you can't get anywhere else

I use the highest quality albums and presentation materials from the two old-world bookbinders catering solely to the private client market. We know you have a lot of professional photographers to choose from, so take the time you need to find the one photographer who shoots in a style that suits you.

Maternity & Newborn Photography Packages

Koren offers four levels of photography to meet just about any set of expectations.

Affordable and still beautiful for $450

Looking for an affordable package? Koren offers the same great experience for an affordable price. Learn about the Mini Tuesday Maternity Package. I do not recommend this package for newborn babies.

A Taste of Luxury for $1,395

This basic package gets you in the door for a two-hour session with a nice collection. Learn about the Taste of Luxury.

A Wonderful Treat for $2,795

This middle package includes a treasured, hand-picked makeup artist who will stay with you for the entire shoot plus a wonderful collection of wall portraits and albums. Learn about the A Wonderful Treat.

Top of the Line for $7,695

The typical woman who splurges on this package had a challenging time conceiving and is over the moon about having a child. She's typically over 40 and has wanted to get pregnant more than anything for a long time. These women know how to celebrate being pregnant and this delivers a celebration equal to her hard-earned status. Learn about the Top of the Line.

Studio photography for the ultimate in private portrait sessions for tasteful pregnancy photos. Pregnancy photography packages for just about any experience you'd like.

Working primarily with an all-female staff, Koren creates lovely children's albums and baby books with photographs from either a single session or multiple photo sessions that show a child's growth and development.

Black Women in Pregnancy Pictures

Koren gets asked all the time, "Do you photograph black women pregnant?" Of course! See some samples of studio pictures of pregnant black women. Koren has photographed lots of black couples for that magical time in life, being pregnant with a first child. See more African American women in maternity portraits.

Newborn and infant photography packages

I offer a price break when you book a maternity session with a newborn session. You'll save $645 by booking both at the same time.

Unlike many other newborn photographers, my strength is in posing the parents with the newborn.

I don't use the pails, buckets, slings or trees that you see in many other newborn photographers' work. Instead, I focus on the relationship of the mother to the newborn and the father to the newborn and, of course, the three together.

The reason for posing the people instead of using props? The timeless factor. People come to me to capture relationships and what it feels like to be a family.

Maternity packages that include older children

I welcome maternity photos with older children. I love pregnancy sessions with important family members including older children, dogs, parents... Bring the entire family and celebrate the new baby on the way.

Simply the best in luxury lifestyle professional pregnancy portraits. The best maternity photographer in Minnesota.

If you're flying in for a maternity photography session, please ensure your doctor knows and says it's ok.

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