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I am a certified professional photographer

Certified professional photographer

To gain certification, I underwent the following:

  • I passed a comprehensive written exam to measure technical expertise
  • I successfully submitted my work to a panel of judges for review and approval
  • This certification is only good for five years. I need to renew my credentials every five years through accumulated continuing education classes, by submitting work for critical evaluation, or by re-taking the certification exam

Learn more about the program that sponsors this certification by visiting Professional Photographic Certification Commission.

Customized Packaging for your photography business

packaging for photographers

Ever wondered, "How do I package a professional photo?"

Why I offer this packaging

When I finally got an identity I liked, I agonized over the packaging.

What do I need?

What would my clients love?

How should I package my albums, prints and boxes?

What do people expect?

A hundred hours later, I created a collection of support materials that any new photographer could use.

While you could go to Marathon Press for beautiful, custom materials, I promise you'll spend five or six times as much. This collateral set lets you customize your core components and, of course, the hang tags and business cards are distinctly yours.

One of the big money-savers in this package is the self-printing stickers.

All you need is a high quality inkjet printer. And what photographer doesn't have two or three of these?

How it works

Choose which packaging route you'd like to go and make the online payment.

Send us your logo.

My designer picks your primary and supporting colors.

We design your hang tags, rubber stamp, stickers, etc.

We'll send you a color strip like the one just below, and your design proofs.

You get to make one design change for free; others cost $35 per change.

Once you're happy, stuff will start arriving within a couple of days of your final approval.

No hidden charges, no hidden ANYTHING

There are no hidden charges, no secret charges, no hidden billing and nothing else that you'll get sucked into that you didn't expect.

In fact, after the first time you order, you are welcome to re-order from the manufacturers directly.

Packaging for photographers color sheet

Here's what you get:

  Presentation items
shopping bag

25 translucent polka dot shopping bags, 16x6x12"

Uses: deliver albums, loose prints, smaller framed images, etc.

wrapping paper

24"x85' of wrapping paper in solid color in a rip-off box

Uses: wrap albums!

wrapping paper

24"x85' of wrapping paper in pattern in a rip-off box

Uses: wrap albums!

tissue paper

20x30" tissue paper, base color, 120 sheets

Uses: Lots! Wrap the albums inside the boxes they come in, wrap
canvases and other large items

tissue paper

20x30" tissue paper, complimentary color, 120 sheets

Uses: Lots! Wrap the albums inside the boxes they come in, wrap
canvases and other large items

hang tag

1,000 4x4" hang tags, double-sided, full color

Uses: Punch a hole to string with raffia to attach to shopping bag,
slip inside belly band of every album, tuck inside a #10 envelope,
etc. You get a lot of these, so they should be attached, included,
dropped off with almost everything you create, mail, send, drop
off, etc.

hole punch

1/8" Hole puncher for hang tags

Uses: not just for hang tags! Use this to punch holes for custom
gift certificates, brad holes and other items with small ribbon


Raffia, base color, 100 yards

Uses: attach hang tags to shopping bags, decorate wrapped
albums, gift certificate pillow boxes, or any other wrapped
presentation item.

Wrapping accessories:

tissue paper shred

Cut up tissue paper for box filler, 2 lbs.

Uses: The manufacturer does not recommend this product as
supportive shipping material but it adds great color to your
packages. Highly recommended.

kraft ribbon

1.25"x50 yards of kraft paper for belly bands (hard to find these

Uses: you NEED belly bands. They are the definitive finishing touch
on wrapped packaging. The kraft paper is eco-friendly and goes
with almost any packaging combination.

oval stickers

1x2.25" Oval stickers, 100 sheets of blank, matte white printable
labels (27 labels per sheet, 2,700 total)

Uses: These oval stickers come in lots of different sizes. We'll let
you know what shape suits your identity best. Use these on belly
bands, CD/DVD packaging, hand-delivered envelopes and other
branding packaging.

rubber stamp

2" round rubber stamp and your darkest color ink pad

Uses: Sign the back of canvas prints, loose prints, paper packing
tape, mailers, invoices


Correspondence accessories

note cards

20 Custom printed note cards: 5.47x4.20" flat cards with plain

Uses: Include one of these with every delivery and shipped package.
This is an essential business collateral piece that you can't live


1 sheet of 20 legal postage stamps with your logo

Uses: Okay, we agree that these are a bit over the top, but they
create a memorable, powerful impression. Don't mix these with a
custom logo return address sticker. Rather, place the return address
sticker on the back of any mailed correspondence.

square stickers

1.5x1.5" return address stickers, 100 sheets of blank, matte white
printable labels (24 labels per sheet, 2,400 total)

Uses: These are good for any mailed correspondence. If you use
one of your very special custom stamps, consider placing this
sticker on the back of the envelope.


Design Time


Four hours of design time to put your logo into:

• Hang tag
• Photo stamps
• Note cards
• Rubber stamp
• Oval sticker
• Square sticker

PDF proofs, one revision. Additional revisions, no matter how small, are

$25 each. You'll receive a CD with the digital files of all these layouts.


Bottom Line


For all this product, ordering, shipping, design, customization, you pay:


When it comes time to re-order, you'll do it directly from all the


*Includes shipping to the contiguous 48 US states. Shipping to
other locations will be priced separately. Add sales tax to New York
State residents.


If you only want the list of places to go to get these items:


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