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Managing Your Web Site:
Seven Secret Factors for Search Engine Optimization
by Koren Reyes

koren reyes
Koren Reyes
Course Description:

Getting on page one of a Google keyword search is worth thousands of free advertising dollars. While many know this, few get past the intimidating code, rules and techno-speak. Koren Reyes used to be one of the fearful ones until she started a little digging to better understand Internet page ranking.

With a little effort and a lot of research, Koren learned how to optimize her photography web sites to the extent that new clientele come almost exclusively from the web. This effectively free marketing and advertising has given her a lot of flexibility and choice as to where else to invest hard-earned dollars.

Koren determined ‘Seven Secret Factors’ that contribute to high ranking in Google’s algorithm and then used Adobe’s Dreamweaver to design and code a web site that rose to page one within weeks. She did this with no formal technical training and just a layman’s knowledge of html; Dreamweaver made it that easy.

In this Workshop, Koren will explain, in non-technical terms, the major factors that contribute to achieving high rankings that work not just for Google, but also for the other popular major search engines, Yahoo and MSN.

By demonstrating and applying the ‘Seven SEO Secrets’ to a web site using Adobe’s Dreamweaver 3, Koren will demystify the factors with simple steps that everyone can use. She will also address the pitfalls of falling prey to any number of so-called SEOs (search engine optimizers) who at best sucker clients out of thousands of dollars and at worst, get you kicked out of the Google rankings altogether.

As a photographer who is entirely dependent on freelance photography income, Koren understands the importance of integrating skill sets. If the Internet baffles you and coding isn’t your thing, this Workshop will bring you up to speed on the “do’s and don’ts” of managing your web site, as well as help you make informed decisions and give you the tools to ask crucial questions when hiring others to perform these services for you.

This Workshop is ideally suited for Dreamweaver users, or people who are curious about how this easy-to-use program works, and photographers or designers who want to harness the power of controlling their own digital visibility.

Koren Reyes

Koren Reyes is a freelance photographer in New York City who specializes in creative portraiture of women, babies, families and their pets. In addition, her full service studio produces lifestyle, editorial and travel photography.

Her photographs have appeared in SELF Magazine, Woman’s Day, Cape Cod Life, Fit Pregnancy and she shoots frequently for Jupiter Images and the Robin Hood Foundation. Koren worked on Wall Street in a former life where making friends with the computer wasn’t an option. When the time came to leave that life, she made the transition to full-time photography by embracing all that the Internet had to offer. Koren successfully optimized her primary web site for a page-one ranking that delivers almost 100% of new commission work.

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